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Vue Islington Cinema

It is always a great place to enjoy entertainment, all staff are amazing helpful all the time. Read More
213 Newnham Terrace, Lambeth, London SE1 7DR
+44 345 308 4620
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Vue Islington Cinema

Big cinema located in the middle of a small shopping centre.

You will find plenty of bars, shops and places to eat around here as well as the O2 music venue.  The cinema is located on the first floor and appears to have plenty of screens, the inside looks over the centre of the  shopping area and you can see the Angel of Islington sculpture out the windows.

Ok so firstly it’s not picturesque, but it works. It’s your standard theatre. The security guy was a bit lax, we didn’t eat there so can’t comment there. Annoyingly the lights were left on low whilst we were watching the film which was a bit of a kill joy.
Seats were moderately comfortable and I’m a standard just under 6foot guy.
Apart from that they have nine cinema rooms so they have a fair lot of showings happening at once.
They have automated ticket machines that even take Amex.


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    • Саша N
      Sasha Sender

      Wow…, Amazing cinema location when I watched the Fast and Furious 8 movie I really appreciate their refreshing movie cinema environment very big space for every screen and very clean, highly recommend to everyone who is fanatic of movie….