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Hedone offers a very innovative setting with a totally open kitchen that serves to show that the chef has “nothing to hide”. Read More
281B Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 4HH 020 8747 0377

Hours of Operation:

If a suitable time is not available online, please give us call on 0208747 0377 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Opened in July 2011 by self-taught chef Mikael Jonsson, Hedone has quickly established itself on the London dining scene receiving acclaim from national as well as international reviewers.

In October 2011 Hedone won the One to Watch award at the National Restaurant Awards and got awarded of its first Michelin star in October 2012,followed by breaking into position 63 of the San Pelegrino world’s 50 best list.

At Hedone we do not have a fixed menu that we serve day after day for weeks or months at a time.

The produce we work with may vary daily. We are putting a lot of effort into finding unique ingredients and using them in ways so that the resulting dishes will be unique expressions of the used ingredients. And the way we cook with them can often change spontaneously depending on individual variances of the produce. As little as possible is precooked, instead we tend to cook everything to order.
Top quality ingredients are often only available in small quantities, so the tasting menus for different tables may not be the same but each table will enjoy a unique and personal experience. This is the reason why we have no menus uploaded on our website. 


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    • Саша N
      Sasha Sender

      Absolutely spectacular as always. The best restaurant in West London in my opinion, maybe the best in London full stop. Exquisite food, the highest quality ingredients, simply superb.

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